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Businesses need signs from before they open until the day they close. At the beginning, you may need signs that advertise your business location such as arrows or lit up signs with your logo and store name. While owning your store, you may want signs that tell customers how to behave such as "don't bring ice cream into the shop" or "no shirt, no shoes, no service". You may want signs for special sales or for unique products, and you may even need signs for off-site marketing events such as trade shows. Then, at the end, you may need a sign that says "going out of business". Regardless of where you are in your business journey, this blog is designed to help you choose the best signs for your business.


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Does Your Neon Sign Make Your New Diner Pop? 3 Tips To Keep It Burning Bright

There is just something about a neon sign that heralds memories of happy times gone by, and you knew that your new sign was the perfect touch on the opening day of your diner. While you love the look, you are likely wondering how to keep it in good repair. After all, you never want your customers to arrive to a diner with a broken light. Fortunately, you can use these three care tips to keep your new neon sign in top condition.

Prevent Damage Caused by Electrical Surges

Neon signs operate through drawing electricity. Like other light sources and appliances, they are vulnerable to the effects of power surges. The heat that is generated during an electrical surge can melt the internal components and wiring of the sign. To prevent this from happening, consider installing a surge suppression system on the electrical source that you connect the neon sign to that will divert the energy away from the sign.

Keep It Clean

While you may want to lovingly polish your new diner sign every night, the truth is that some basic cleaning strategies are all it takes to keep it in good repair. Start by unplugging the sign to reduce the risk of an electrical shock. Then, use a vacuum or soft-bristled brush to gently remove surface dust that dampens the brightness. Removing surface debris also prevents dirt from working its way inside of the tubes where it can damage the internal components. If you notice heavier layers of grime, then use an ammonia-based cleaner to remove it. Finally, rinse the tubes with a damp washcloth, and dry the sign completely before plugging it back in.

Watch Out for Warning Signs Between Service Visits

Ideally, you should have your neon sign inspected and serviced at least once a year. During these service visits, a professional technician will check for signs of damage and perform maintenance tasks such as changing the bulbs. However, you should also be aware of the common warning signs that something is going wrong with your neon sign. For example, a sign that suddenly begins to flicker, make strange noises or fails to turn on as usual is cause to call for neon sign repair.

A neon sign adds a welcoming touch to diners and draws in a crowd and lets everyone know that you are open for business. While neon signs do require a little maintenance, regular servicing and prompt repairs will keep your new sign looking great for years.

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